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Hello everyone;)

December 19, 2010

Hi everyone I am Emily Lai, you can call me Emily 🙂

I am a year two student of City University of Hong Kong; I am majoring in Cultural and Heritage Management (BACHM).

I like traveling to different place, to meet different people during the journey. I think it is very important to know the culture and historical background of a place before you go. I think that in the university we have more time to discover things surround us before we get to work. The experience that we can get from traveling is unique and precious in our life. Through traveling, you can learn more than any books because you are really experience them.

I love the technologies that I see in the Alive Lab; there are no such kinds of machine in the museum in Hong Kong. Those machines can give a more reality experience to the audience and let them know more about the world. This can encourage the Hong Kong teenagers to discover more outside the Hong Kong.

Most of the people love to travel (I guess :D), all of us are facing the struggle between reality and dreams. For me I want to travel all around but in reality, I need to work. Museum not only a place for education it is also a place to take people away from the onerous city.

I hope that I can work in the museum not matter in Hong Kong or other places and the things that I learn in class can help me to inspire more people to preserve local culture heritage.

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