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Hi everyone, I am Eric Leung.

December 18, 2010

Hi everybody~ My name is Eric Leung. You can call me Eric or Yin Chai (of course in Chinese).I am a year 2 student majoring a year 2 program Cultural and Heritage Management (BACHM) in CityU. I am also serving the post of assistant editor in Editorial Board of Student Union of CityU. I like thinking, reading and writing soooo much. If you wish to, you guys may find my name appearing in every periodical published by Editorial Board of CityU, haha~

To be honest, I found myself like a testing animal either in CityU and academic circle in Hong Kong last year. BACHM is just new for everybody. In the very beginning of my university life, I was quite worried about my career and my future. But gradually, I found that there must be advantage for something new, that is, the infinite possibilities and chance for us to create and grasp.

Now, I like to take up challenges. To me, the greatest challenges I meet this semester must be the courses Intelligent Heritage and Immersive Museum. That is something I never got in touch with before. But I also believe that  these two courses must offer a lot of opportunities for us to grasp and must bring something different to my life.

I am ready for the challenge.


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