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ALiVE lab visit

December 14, 2010
This is the first time I visit Hong Kong Science Park, the environment is relaxing with abundant sunshine, lake and greens. Then we get into the ALiVE lab where is a whole different world. The lab is dark and cold (its cool too), filled with the latest technology and interactive installations. In ALiVE, my favorite installations are UNMAKEABLELOVE and MEDIADOME.


It is a hexagonal installation made with screens. We need to use the fake torches in front of each screen to “light up the inside area”, which will shows totally sixty 3D animated human models in a dark room. These animated models include male, female and infant and they are all naked. They may react with each other or do nothing but keep walking around the room. Since the audience won’t know what they going to do, therefore people (include me) often spend many time keep watching their action. Also, the audience can see the image of opposite user, it just like you can see through the glass to see them but there has no glass at all. This mix of virtual and reality feeling is quite interesting!


It is an inflatable dome, we can go in and lie on the ground to watch the projection on the hemispherical ceiling. I especially like the entrance! The temperature inside is warmer than in the lab, that is one of the reason why I like it. The projected images are different historical building’s ceiling. I think it provide a chance for us to admire those architecture that we cannot afford to go. However, I think the background music is not match the image, I guess they are not come from the same culture. And the operating sound of inflator is too loud that affect the background music.
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