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Group Project—–Temple street

October 11, 2010


Temple Street is a very famous street for Hong Kongers and tourists. It is located in Jordan and Yau Ma Tei. This street sells lots of products at a cheap prize. Besides, there are fortunate-tellers and street performances of Chinese culture. Local food is also flooded inside the street. The street displays a local and a plebeian culture, the daily life of the people there as well as the special features of night market in Hong Kong. We think that Temple Street is definitely an intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong so we chose Temple Street to be the site we film.

Intended Audience and Installation Venue 

Our targeted audience is first local citizens. We would like to evoke the fellow feelings of the older generation in Hong Kong by our vivid video of the temple street. We hope to refresh their memories of their past entertainment, happy time as well as their summer of their live. Besides, we also want to show the contemporary generation a juicy place in Hong Kong about which they might have forgotten. We want to show people that there is still a place embracing very rich Hong Kong culture and its originated special entertainment. We want to tell them that there is still a place that is so Hong Kong and we may be able to get a sense of Hong Kong identity there.

We think that our work is suitable for installing in the Hong Kong Museum of History because the culture and entertainments rose in the Temple Street is part of our history


How to film and why use ladybug

We think we will walk along the temple street, a straight and long street, with the ladybug filming. There will be lots of stalls in two sides with lots of vendors and tourists. We will film anything in the street. The reason why we use the word “anything” is that using Ladybug, we cannot exactly choose some things not to be filmed in a very crowded street with multitude of people, but we do have some targets to film like tourists appreciating products, enjoying local and a plebeian food or having fortune-telling etc.

However, we would like to move a little bit faster with the ladybug or at least do not stop at one spot to film, as some vendors do not like themselves and their products to be filmed for a bit long time individually. That’s what we try to prevent.

We will choose a time that does not have too many people in the street to film because if there are too many people, some people we filmed will block the screen for a while.

Sure ladybug is technically great as it can film all sides simultaneously. We think using ladybug to film Temple Street is very good as it seems you immerse yourself in the street in a bustling atmosphere. Moreover, it is a long strict street and tons of things are worthy of filming. Normal cameras cannot film these things simultaneously, thus it cannot easily give you the feeling of a feast for the eyes.



In the video, we’ll show how people sell the special products, how the fortune tellers do their business and what kinds of entertainment in the temple street.

For example, the main customers of the stalls are foreigners. The businessmen are local people who only know some simple English. In order to make a deal, both the local businessmen and the foreigners try their best to communicate with each others. For instance, they would show the price on the calculators. Besides, we would show the decorations of the stalls of the fortune tellers. Besides, we would show the decorations of the stalls of the fortune tellers. For example, they would hang on the photos of some famous people and give some descriptions about the good or bad of their faces.


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