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Food Girl – Lin Heung Tea House

October 4, 2010
Drinking-tea in Cantonese restaurant is originated from Guangzhou. As majority of population in Hong Kong is Guangdong people, this culture affects Hong Kong very much since early 20th century. Cantonese restaurant liked Lin Heung and Luk Yu tea house are example of the most famous oldest tea house in Hong Kong.
Basically, tea house provides dim sum (a small amount of food served in a plate or bamboo basket, which is more like snack) and different kinds of tea for customers. Drinking-tea tends not to be a normal meal but for enjoying the morning or afternoon time. 

As mentioned before, Lin Heung is one of the most famous tea house which is still opening in Hong Kong since 1918. It located on Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong Island. 


Many traditional tea house styles are still reserved in Lin Heung, like getting freshly made dim sum from the trolley, which vanishes in other new Cantonese restaurant as this increases the cost. 

Moreover, bowls are used when you are drinking tea. If you are not choosing whole pot of tea, waiter will give you a bowl filling with tea leaves and hot water instead. Every time you finish drinking, just leave the cover of bowl opens, waiter will refill it with hot water. You can rarely see this in other restaurant. 

It is a unique icon that best-known worldwide, meanwhile, the original style is changing to the mode which is more suitable for earning money, instead of keeping tagged along with time. To record its origin is what we need to do to keep our next generation familiar with this important value. Therefore, we choose Lin Heung as our location to shoot. 


This Wednesday (29/9), we visited Lin Heung Tea House to get a whole picture of its environment and potential features that we could shoot. Unfortunately, it is closed owing to its deferred holiday for the Mid-Autumn Festivals. After talking to the manager, very luckily, we got the permission to go inside to take a look and do the shooting. We have taken some photos, as follows.


These photos captured the general environment of Lin Heung. It does show the characteristics of a traditional Chinese tea house. Although we did not find any “Lazy Susan” there, we found the very traditional trolleys that stores dim sum. We think that we can make good use of these trolleys, together with the environment, such as the walls and columns, to create a LOOP for the video clip. 


As lighting is an important part to be considered in the video, we also took some photos of the lighting system. They are all fluorescent light tube, but at that time the lights were not all turned on. Hope the photo is clear enough. 

We have taken photos in almost all directions. We combined them and tried to make a panoramic picture. The original one is really long so it is cut into two parts. 


Last but not least, we got the permission from the manager to shoot the video at around 4-5pm any date. It is because, during that period of time, there will be less customers and we will not disturb their business. However, one of the staff told us that the dim sum dishes in the trolleys will be sold out at around 3pm and the “drivers” will be dismissed from work too. That would be regrettable if we cannot record this feature. Therefore, we think we need to negotiate with the manager on 8 Oct to see if we can do the shooting earlier. 

Food Girl

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