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October 4, 2010

                 Last time, We have visited to ALiVE lab in  Hong Kong Science Park. There are many exhibits applied the technology of immersive projection, interactivity and creativity. The most attractive installation to me is the UNMAKEABLELOVE installation. It combined several creative elements, like narrative, animation, interactivity and immersive projection. The audience can explore any character they like in that community with the torches device. The presentation provokes people to think about the message it brings. Imaging a small space enclosed with 60 people, each person has different characteristics. Although how they are optimistic, they will turn to be a cruel, savage and violent-tempered person finally. In such a tiny world without light and happiness, no one can bear the atmosphere of the Hell. It discovered the dark side of humanity.

                    I believe that people can communicate and learn from artworks. For example, we can get notice and be aware to different countries’ culture in ALiVE lab, like culture in India . I hope to be an artist who create some artworks that gives positive information or encouragement to the audience.

                      Now I start thinking that animations should not only been shown on 2D screens or monitors, there are the other ways to display them to the audience, such as iDome device. It can enhance the attractiveness, as well as to simulate the real environment. I can not wait to explore with the ladybug device and iDome projection. It must be fresh to introduce the Chinese culture.

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