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My favorite device in ALIVE lab.

October 2, 2010

10th September

I have heard much news about Science Park before, but it was really the first time for me to come to the place. It is quite a marvelous place, with beautiful scene, vast area, friendly people, you name it. I even find it doesn’t look like anywhere in Hong Kong at all!

The day we went to have a look of ALIVE lab, which is a 1000m square laboratory situated in Science Park was set up by School of Creative Media. Many devices were built to explore new paradigms in immersive visualization, interactive narrative and etc. Many of them can be applied in area of immersive museum.

One of my most favorite devices is iDOME. It is an hemispherical interactive installation which presents panoramic cinematographic events provides immersive visualization experience for viewers. I like the way it presents the projection of 360 degree videos that we could turn around our views by just rolling the trackball. We could also roll the trackball to see if there is any detail point to read.

For me, it is a great way to preserve cultural heritage. In the past we also find it was a pity that we couldn’t record the panoramic view of the pieces of tangible or intangible cultural heritage throughout different generations. As we know that as time passed, heritage changed slightly because of different reasons. Sometimes heritage even has to make sacrifice for city renewal or development. We could only ponder on the past by viewing unilateral photos or videos, like Star Ferry Pier and Queen Ferry Pier. But now we are possible to record the whole scenery of every piece of heritage at least in the form of panoramic videos. It is great to preserve cultural outlook of cultural heritage. I would like to try if iDOME is possible to set up and be applied in Hong Kong museum!

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