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The Hong Kong Film, an intangiable heritage in HK

October 1, 2010

To choose an intangible heritage in HK is quite difficult for me, though I am a Hong Kong people. This is not because there is no heritage in HK, but is because many of them represent only a part of HK people like the Da Jiu Festival, or related to Mainland Chinese, not Hong Kong’s local products, like Dragon Boat Festival. So, I think in a very serious way. I think the Hong Kong Film is most representative for Hong Kong.

The most famous entertainment in Hong Kong properly is watching movies. Hong Kong movies always can reflect the social conditions of HK. For instance, in many HK’s films, there are scenes of HK’s appearance, the streets, the tea houses and the living areas. In the film, ‘In The Mood For Love’, showed the crowned living conditions of Hong Kong people in 1960s. There are several families living in one flat. The space is very crowned. In the film ‘Echoes of The Rainbow’, it shows a strong sense of close neighbourhood in 1960s. All families on that community have dinner outside their houses, that means they can see each other having their dinner. And they also share food together. The flim makers said it is the memories of their childhood. So, I think films can be a documentary of HK culture and history.

On the other hand, films can also create a subculture. The most influential one would be the ‘Mou Lei Tou’ culture created by the famous movie star, Stephen Chow. In his movie, he always create nonsense jokes which really make people laugh and his films become very famous among Hong Kong people. I can say no one in Hong Kong has never watched the film played by Mr Chow. And most of his dialogues in the film are very familiar with the HK people.

The HK films are very popular especially in the 1990s, it influents not only the local but also spreads over sea and influents the culture of the Asian countries, especially the Southeast countries, they learn Cantonese through HK movies and know HK culture through this films as well.

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