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PLACE-Hampi – Silvia

October 1, 2010

I really had a great time in the Science Park las Friday. I have never been to the place though I heard it many times and pass through it while travalling by KCR almost everyday. I do not know much about the place. I thought there are only some scientists busy at doing researches and experiments in the labs. But in fact, this is an amazing place, unless the ALiVE is. So, I wonder if ALiVE opens to the public.

To me, most of the exhibits in ALiVE are very impressive to me.  But the one that I like the most would be the PLACE-Hampi. I like it because we, the audients, can ‘drive’ the console to ‘go’ to visit different archaeological and mythological places. It’s really amazing as it just make us feel we are driving in a real situation. And there are many beautiful and wonderful places in this PLACE-Hampi. Through PLACE-Hampi, we could visit those wonderful places in a short time. I remender one animation is the Indian god, Hanuman, flying to lead the audients view. It is funny.

However, I think if  each film can give the outdoor and indoor travelling would be more interesting. It means that after we get into one landscape and see its outdoor environment, we could further get into the building. It would be more exciting and people could discover the places in more detail.

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