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Here I am(sorry for lateness)

October 1, 2010

Hi, everyone. It’s nice to meet you all. I am Silvia Yiu. You can call me Silvia, or you may call my Chinese name which is SiuWai in a more casual way. I am studying the programme Culture and Heritage Management. It is a very interesting programme which contains a variety aspects of knowledge such as history, religions, culture of different countries, art and even management skills. I do learn a lot of things through this programme. And I feels pleased and look forward to learn the new aspect of organizing a museum in this new course – Immursive Museum. After the lessons in the last few weeks, I am totally fascinated by those high technology introduced by Sarah. I thought those technological products may be in the stage of designing or in the countries far away like Germany or USA, but I’ve never think of they they are already the real objects now and are just located very close to me. I am a person that like to explore different interesting things, that’s so I am in the peogramme. I would like to try new things. Although working with those high technology device or create things in a high-tech ways may be to me is very fresh and hard, I believe I can do it well.

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