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Have you ever played Chinese Chess?

September 30, 2010

Have you ever played Chinese Chess (“Xiangqi”)? Chinese Chess is a very interest and famous game in China. You can easily learn how to basically play “Xiangqi”, but it is extremely difficult for you to be proficient in playing “Xiangqi” . It is because the regulation of “Xiangqi” is quite simple but the development and change in the game is very complicated and fickle.

At the very beginning of the game, two players have the same number of chessmen. For each side, they have a general that cannot be killed (checkmated), otherwise they will lose the game. Also, they have two guards, two elephants, two horses, two chariots, two cannon and five soldiers. Each characters have its own regulation to move. For example, chariots only can move horizontally and vertically but it can move to very remote area in one step, so apart from the general, definitely chariots are the most valuable chessman in the game. Five soldiers just can move forward but never backward, and move horizontally once they pass the Chu’s River or Han’s Border (楚河漢界). Their mobility are very low as they just can move to the space next to them.

Lots of male elders in Hong Kong like to play Chinese Chess in park in the afternoon and evening. When two players are playing, it is impolite for others to say anything about the game like giving tips. However, sometimes some people  do so and it won’t have too serious result (like fighting= =”). But it is recommended that if you are not “their group” (they always play chess together and are familiar with each other), don’t comment the game, especially when money is involved.

I like playing Chinese Chess since I was in secondary school. Playing Chinese Chess is very funny and I can enjoy great moment with my chess’s friend. It also can train you to be concentrated and use you brain to think. It is beneficial to your brain.

If you are also interested in Chinese Chess, just tell me and we can have a play. You only need to make very little concession to me: just two chariots(讓雙車). Not a big concession, isn’t it? Don’t worry, no money is in the game.

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