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W2 The work I like the most in ALiVE

September 23, 2010

In week two, we had a fantastic tour at ALiVE in Hong Kong Science Park. I was pleased by the technologies there as they are absolutely state-of-the-art and I finally got a chance to see them personally as I just herad a lot about them in the past but without the opportunity to see the real things. Therefore, that was a very nice trip for me.

In ALiVE, there are many devices such as the Place-Hampi, Re-Actor unmakeablelove, i Dome, the Cave, etc, I like the most is Mediadome . It is a huge dome-structure device in which it has a projector inside the middle of the dome that would reflect the images on the ceiling of the dome. The images are all the ceiling of some of the renowed buildings in the world such as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. They are really exquisite when showing up on the ceiling of the dome. Apart from that, we can virtually lie down on the floor with a pillow, so that you look up and enjoy the splendid images leisurely. I like the idea it that letting the visitors to appreciate the visualization in a comfortable way instead of just standing inside the dome. In addition, when I lay down in the dome looking up at the visualization of the bulidings’ ceiling, i felt like i was actually lying down on inside the real buildings. That’s so amazing.


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