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Hi, this is Flora. =]

September 23, 2010

Hi, everyone! I am Kwok Wai Shan. You can call me Flora. =] I am a Year 3 student in School of Creative Media. I am studying in Animation Studio. I have been taught about the Panorama usage in the procedure of rending an animation before. Due to the complicated progress, I was not interested in it. However, I never though that it can be used in immersive muesum and take some live images. It’s really impressive!! I am looking forward to try the Ladybud camera. It seems more user-friendly, hee!

I feel interested to explore the intangible heritage. I do not aware and care too much about Hong Kong Culture before. However, Mr. Chau’s speech in the first week reminded me that the language is the precious property. My grandma speaks Hakka language and I enjoy to celebrate some festival in Hakka style. Their culture are so special since they were foreigners to immigrate to Hong Kong many years before. They put effort on maintaining their traditional culture, such as cooking method and wedding culture. According to this course, I start to aware more about my life and things around me. Hope to learn and discover in the class together!

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