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Nice to meet you all!

September 16, 2010

Hello  guys, My name is Van, feel free to call me Van, or just call me my full name Law Yan Yee. I am a year 3 student from BA in Creative Media and this is the first time to get a chance to involve in a programme about cultural heritage. We are always try to step forwards as we are enthusiastic about new media and new ideas, but what are backing us up during the generating creativity process? It is undoubtedly our history and also our unique culture.

Besides, the technology of immersive museum is attractive. Panoramic photography is relatively special as it can cover nearly 360 degrees of an environment. I have never thought of using is in a film recording and the result turning out is so impressive, so, I can’t wait to try the ladybugs camera. Moreover, the 3-D projection system is so powerful that  making audiences get involved into world created by us, those projection devices such as iDome and Cupula, are also what I am looking forward to know more about.

It is really nice to participate in this course, hope all of us can have a great experience!

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