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Hi Guys!

September 16, 2010

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you guys in the lessons as well as in this blog. I am Siu Chui Yi. You can call me “Siu”. (There is no doubts I love my family name a lot. 😛 ) I am from the animation studio of the School of Creative Media. As an animation student, I usually spend most of the time sitting in front of a computer or my work desk to deal with motions, characters or many other visual stuff. I seldom have a chance to get in touch with the latest technology of exhibition design and display systems. So the course content of Immersive Museums is fairly new to me. 

To be frank, I have very little knowledge about heritage and relevant cultures. Thanks to advanced technology nowadays, we can keep the appearance, features, and cultural and historical content of a heritage site or a landscape by the means of, for example, photography and video clipping. Processing, rendering and presentation these valuable materials in interactive ways allow and encourage people like me eager to learn more about a heritage and a landscape in a museum. We learn when we have fun. It is very nice. 

I am really looking forward to using ladybug camera. Actually, I have never seen one before. The design is really cool that the camera can capture views of different direction! Also, I am also interested in producing stereo and panoramic photography and video. Hope that I can manipulate all those stuff well with my team-mate.

 See you guys in the lesson soon!

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