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a great lour

September 15, 2010

There are many exhibits showed in ALIVE, such as:

PLACE: A motorized platform to show the cultural heritage of India on the 360-degree scene;
CAVE_0.5: Visitors can interact with the impressive 3D image on 2 large scenes;
MEDIA DOME: Visitors can stay on the floor and appreciate the eye fish photographs;

Re-Actor is an exhibit I like most in ALIVE. According to the booklet, originally Re-Actor is developed at Museum Victoria by VROOM Inc. The devices of Re-Actor are including 6 scenes, 6 projectors, 6 detective devices and 6 interactive devices. 6 scenes stand in hexagon shape and the projectors project on the inside of scenes. 6 detective devices (cameras) would record the action of the audience.

Re-Actor shows 2 programs for the audience. The first program is two dancing people. Teacher showed us the production of this program. 2 people would dance in the laboratory and the director captured this image from six cameras. Finally, they got 6 image from different angles and projected them on 6 different scenes. Therefore, the audience can appreciate the 2 dancing people comprehensively.

The second program is UNMAKEABLE LOVE and I like this program more than the previous one. This is a virtual community. Some animated figures would be showed on the scenes. They are nude, curious and have been named. Same as the previous program, the audience can appreciate them on different angles through the scenes. However, UNMAKEABLE LOVE is more interesting. The audience can interact with the figures with 6 flashlight interactive devices. When audiences jerk the flashlight towards the scenes, the dark community would be lit. The figures would stare at the source of the light and react something interesting, such as walking away or performing.  This is the interesting point of this exhibit. Also, there is a dinosaur program, too but I did not have a change to see it. I am looking for it.


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