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HI~ I am Oscar

September 14, 2010

Hello! I am Oscar studying in Cultural and Heritage Management. Please feel free to call me Oscar. I’m glad that BACHM and SCM can work together to organize these courses. I take this course, Immersive museum, because i found that it is really innovative and more important is we can learn some practical skills from this course.

New technologies are running so fast day by day, and museums through out the world begin to apply new technologies in order to provide better facilities to the visitors and atrract more visitors to come so that the exhibits can receive more attention from the people. Therefore, i really like the idea of the course.

 I know that the course will have several workshops for us to learn some skills in using the technolgoies for museum exhibition, hopefully the workshops will not be too difficult or else i may not be able to handle it. I wish when completing the course, i can be more competitive if i work in this field in my future career.  On top of that, i am excited to have some other guests helping us through out the course. I am looking forward to this course, hope you guys all enjoy it. Bye~

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