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UNMAKEABLELOVE….unforgettable feelings

September 13, 2010

Having heard about the exhibits installed at the ALiVE for several times since the first introduction of this course half a year ago, I finally have the chance to visit these interesting pieces. I was really excited before the trip and the excitement is still wandering in my mind after my wonderful trip there. I really appreciate the idea of this lab and I think all of the exhibits are very interesting that I could spend a whole day on most of them. My loves include T_VISIONARIUM, PALACE_HAMPI, UNMAKEABLELOVE, LOOK UP, etc. Thus, it is quite hard for me to choose only one to talk about. However, the one impresses me and pushes into serious thinking the most is the UNMAKEABLELOVE.
I think the UNMAKEABLELOVE has the power to remind the viewers of their human instinct. It reminds people how our ancestors were like long ago. We human were once cloth-less and did things only followed our own nature and characteristics. We were once so “real”, but at some point ugly under nowadays value.
I was quite embarrassed when I first picked up the torch. It gives me a feeling of digging into the others’ private live, doing something immoral, especially when the sex scene started. When it was happening, all the other inhabitants were frozen that created a focal point on the sexual intercourse. However, the sound and the action implied that this sex scene is not a pleasing one, but one like the rape scene. Hence, viewing the scene would give the viewers a sense of guilt rather than pleasant. However, it is this sense of guilt and the action of looking into others’ secret attracted the viewers the most, because they fulfilled our human desire and nature. This exhibit serves them just well while human love to explore the others’ secret and privacy.
Besides, I love this exhibit the most not just because it attracts me psychologically, but it pulls me back to the reality while I was drown in searching the secrets of the inhabitants inside the cylinder. How did it do so? This would the other reason why I love it. When I was searching into it with my torch, I occasionally discovered the image of another viewer standing opposite me. I think this combination of the real people and the inhabitants reminded me of my real world with morality and humanity, which are important elements making us human being, the intelligent ones. We must never forget about this but forever treasure them.
In fact, I could have much more to talk about because it really provoked me with much meditation. But, I think it might be too much and maybe you would have different thoughts.

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