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Hey! I’m Riko….and this is me

September 12, 2010

Hello guys, I’m Tong Wing Yiu, you can call me Riko. I’m student of BACHM. I love watching movies, eating, traveling and drawing very much. I’m kinda quiet person….in front of people I don’t really know, but I can be very talkative around my friends. So, I think I’m more shy than quiet. I love western culture, their way of living, so I specially appreciate the chance to learn about the western art, culture in the previous year of study.
However, I still remember that in the very beginning of my study, I was quite scared. Not only the new environment, new teaching style and the new program scared me, but also the entire different area of study I would have to cope with in my three-year university live. I was afraid that I have chosen the wrong subject because I had been a completely science student for four years before I touch this program. I was so scared of being weaker than my classmates because of my lack of history knowledge. Besides, I was also threatened by the deficient cultural environment in Hong Kong that I might find no jobs to do when I graduated. Luckily, now I’m pretty sure that I’ve chosen a right subject. I find myself having great interest in this area, and I start to explore different career opportunities related to what I am studying.
Now, I start to have a clearer picture on what I’m gonna do in the future, and I’m sure everything I am learning in these 3 years would be very useful in equipping me well for my future career. Why I choose this course? Not only because I’m interested in it, but also because I’m pretty sure this is one of the many that I need to equip myself.

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