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Volker Kuchelmeister gives video lecture

September 9, 2010

Back of Bourke

Volker Kulchelmeister, developer and videographer for Ladybug 2 & 3 applications visits us via video conferencing at 1pm today!

The two projects he will speak about are:

Historical Darling River Journey.
Volker Kuchelmeister. 2009
Interactive Immersive Installation, Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre
The Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre is nestled in a spectacular natural setting amongst the river red gums on the banks of the Darling River in the outback town of Bourke. The Centre allows to experience a journey through life in the back country. This world-class centre employs a series of interactive installations and stunning visual screen displays to immerse visitors with stories of the Australian Outback, bringing them to life and actively engaging visitors with the area’s rich history. One of the key exhibits is the “Darling River Journey” installation. A 360º video recording on the Darling River on the replica paddle steamer “PV Jandra” forms the background for this interactive video installation. Presented in the 3m hemispherical iDome, this display immerses the viewer in the imagery and sounds. Narrative layers such as superimposed historical photographs and voice over by a local historian, provide background information and details of the highlights along the way. The visitors can freely control their gaze and jump to places of interest with a custom build user interface.

Conversations@the Studio
Immersive Interactive Environment
Jeffrey Shaw, Dennis Del Favero, Neil Brown, Volker Kuchelmeister, Joachim Tesch, Nikos Papastergiadis, Scott McQuire, Andy Arthurs, Sarah Kenderdine, Kevin Sumption, Grace Cochrane
Conversations@the Studio, an innovative mixed-reality narrative installation at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney, Decorative Arts collection. It takes the natural navigation of a real world situation – a contemporary Glass Studio – as its point of departure, using this as a framework for organizing a set of narrative formations that further elaborate the thematics of the collection. By visualising a 360 degree global video recording, made on location at the Glass Studio, it provides the telepresent experience of an actual visit to the Studio, giving full interactive freedom to the viewer’s gaze. Innovative visualisation and interface strategies incorporate these recordings in an environment where the viewer can encounter and explore the content in a dynamic manner.

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