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Welcome to Immersive Museums!

August 19, 2010
iTurkiye 2010
iTurkiye 2010

Focused at the forefront of emerging technologies and transformations in exhibition design practices, Immersive Museums is a creative and practical course to explore the future of interactive and embodied display systems for cultural heritage interpretation. Immersive Museums if focused on the digital capture of intangible heritage in Hong Kong cultural activities.

Harnessing the imagination and research interests from Cultural Heritage Management (CHM) and the School of Creative Media (SCM) this unique course involves you in producing group-based projects at the new state-of-the-art Applied Laboratory of Interactive Visualization and Embodiment (ALiVE), at the Hong Kong Science Park. Participants will design and build a 360-degree video application for the iDome interactive display system.

  • Research & identify living heritage (a performance, ritual, journey or cultural event)
  • Learn techniques in 360-degree video (Ladybug 3)
  • Learn techniques in audio field recordings
  • Learn techniques in post production & application design
  • Design a group project & undertake field recordings

Immersive Museums is an introduction to innovative and interdisciplinary projects required for production of world leading exhibitions in the cultural industries.


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